How to book our services

Model Z Cards: How to book our services

Photography is the art of catching objects using the light of a camera, generally via a digital sensor or film. If you have the proper camera equipment, you may even photograph wavelengths of light that are undetectable to the human eye, such as ultraviolet, infrared, and radio waves.

Pictures are essential in everyone’s life because they let us connect with our history and remind us of certain people, locations, emotions and stories. Photographs are also used to document events in our lives. And sometimes, images even assist us in discovering our own identities.

What’s great about photography is that it can be a hobby and a career. You can start with using a digital camera or even the built-in camera on mobile phones. These devices will enable you to take shots of special moments and post them on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. 

Suppose you are considering photography as a career. In that case, you can even take photo-journalism and take shots of various models, artists and locations that will be seen in magazines, books, billboards, commercials, newspapers and more. 

Model Z Cards was started years ago by a group of friends that became business partners. It was dedication and patience that made this venture become one of the most popular photography services. 

We have various services that everyone can take advantage of. If you happen to be needing of different photography services, check out our booking and contact process: 

Online website

Our online website is an information-based service and a way for you to book your appointment. You can navigate through our site and accomplish the form. 

This type of process is done to make sure that you have the designated time to yourself. Furthermore, since we are in a pandemic situation, walk-in is discouraged to prevent the virus from spreading. The form that you shall accomplish contains the following:

  • Full name
  • Date of appointment
  • Services you want to avail
  • Special requests to staff or photographers
  • Mode of payment (cash, debit or credit card).


After accomplishing the form, you will now have to pay a certain amount for a downpayment. This payment will ensure that you will go to your said appointment, and we shall prepare all the needed equipment for you, such as cameras, lights, white balancing tools, filters, tripods, and more. 


Since you have now paid the down payment, you shall receive a confirmation. This confirmation contains the details of your appointment. We highly suggest that you strictly follow the date and time. 

The remaining balance shall be paid after the services have been done. In addition, if you will be bringing friends and family with you, kindly indicate that on the special request section of the form so that our staff will be aware and prepare the waiting area for them.

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