Z Cards


Composite Card Products

Comp Cards (ZED Card) is an essential marketing tool for aspiring and professional models. We design custom themed and unique composite cards for aspiring and professional models, high quality designs, focused on showcasing your craft, looks and skill.

Quality Z Card Design Layout

We are all about image, we pay attention to detail and strive to deliver z card designs that will be an asset to any model portfolio. We also create custom themed collages for large format prints for posters, large photos as well as cavas prints

Electronic Z Card

Custom Design ZED Card at 1980 x 1080 pixels
Email Version at 520 x 700 pixels
Design Cost : R 480.00

Printable composite Card

  • Custom Design ZED Card at 1680 x 1080 pixels
  • Email Version at 520 x 700 pixels
  • High Quality A4 Print Ready
  • Design Cost R 680.00

Important Information for ordering your composite card

  • To ensure high quality printable designs you need to forward high-resolution images or photos
  • Make sure that all information forwarded is correct.
  • No Scanned images or photos
  • Please ensure that you complete the design brief in full